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Nile Journal of basic science is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published one time a year by the Nile Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology in Mansoura, Egypt. It is concerning with research in different fields of Engineering and basic Science. The launch of the journal comes within the framework of the Nile Institute's interest and its desire to develop scientific research and academic education, through the publication of serious and distinguished studies in the above-mentioned fields, provided that the published studies are based on accurate scientific publishing standards with the participation of the most prominent academics and researchers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Arab countries and other countries around the world. All published researches are subjected to arbitration by specialized referees from various Egyptian universities and institutes. The journal adheres to the rules of the scientific method and its mechanisms, hoping that the journal will achieve the goal that we aspire in order to advance scientific research and reaching the highest levels of advancement, quality and service of society in all fields.    

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, 2023, Pages 1-38 

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Nile Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology

Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor
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